Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Black Afro Magic

It's not normal for me to spontaneously want to paint, especially when painting isn't necessarily my forte. I'm use to grabbing a pencil, a sheet of crisp white paper and drawing (usually animations of superheroes etc) and occasionally I'll colour them with some coloured pencils. Painting, in any form, has never really been my strong point, that's why I was so surprised when a sudden rocket of inspiration hit me today. It didn't really fall out as planned, but it still worked out. I was originally going to paint cotton candy on a large white and red cone, but as I was drawing the large poofs, it suddenly turned into a black woman with a beautiful dark afro. It was also meant to be watercolour, but I couldn't find my watercolours so I settled with acrylics which, I think, turned out just as good.

Now, I'm really happy with it. I mean, I could do a lot better with facial tones once I get more practice in, but I'm satsfied with the eyes and lips (both of which I usually have trouble with).

On another note, I saw District 9 today and may I just say that it was BEYOND amazing! The graphics, the action, the acting, the aliens. Everything about it was awesome! The graphics were so realistic and I loved the way it ended. So often I get disappointed when movies don't end the way I hoped, but this one left me relatively satsfied! I'm off for now.




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