Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fly to the Moon & Sky Mobile

Fly to the Moon

Sky Mobile

So, tonight I had another random spaz of inspiration for painting. So, I followed my urges and produced three new pictures. Only two are shown here because my scanner is currently filling in as the anti-christ and doesn't want to scan the last one properly.

Anyways, for some reason, I've been really drawn to this whole subtle, calm, almost nursery rhyme type pictures. I'm still using acrylics but this time I use thicker paper. It seems better. The Black Afro Magic was plain white printer paper.

Fly to the Moon was somewhat inspired by my nephew Jonathan. Though he's only three that kid is seriously one of my best friends. He is so much fun to be around and I feel so blessed that I get to be a part of his life. He teaches me so much every time I get to hang out with him. The boy isn't necessarily suppose to be him, but it more represents him and that I know he will go to great places one day. Maybe not the moon, maybe some place better. Nascar?! I'm kidding.

Sky Mobile was the last painting I did tonight and really the sloppiest. I admit that I could have done better by staying in the lines with the sun paint, but I think it turned out pretty OK. When I was doing this one, I was really just going through the layers of the sky. Sun first, clouds (sky), then rain (I couldn't think of anything better).

On a less artsy, more personal self-indulgence level, I had my last day of work today! Three cheers for Jordan! No? Sigh. But no, I had my last day. When I gave my two weeks I made sure that I gave myself at least a week before school starts and that way I can get everything I need and just have some down time before getting back into the long school days and long school nights. You know what I mean.

Hopefully I can baptize my scanner by tomorrow so that it will work properly for the final picture. It's sort of the same theme as these two, but more girly. You'll see...





  1. I really like these paintings. I can't paint to save my life lol. My favorite is Fly to the Moon, it looks like something I'd hang on my wall ha ha :P

  2. thanks! it doesn't matter if you "can" paint, but if you want to. art is all about what you feel. give it a try! :D

    thanks for the wonderful comments!

  3. Beautiful paintings - love the feeling I get from them, very dreamy.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful comment Shaz : )


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