Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sugar Cookies with Pink Almond Icing -- For Valentines Day

"As I sit here my mom and dad are starting to scramble and get last minute things together... My sister and her significant other are suppose to arrive shortly and I CAN'T WAIT. In (hopefully) about 3.5 hours, we'll be on a plane heading to the south where the sun always shines and no one knows what grass is because they're too busy walking on the sand. Mexico!

I won't get into it yet, because I don't have much to say about it until we get back next Sunday, but I can say that we've been there once before, and we loved it!

I don't have a lot of time, and I was planning on doing this next week when I got back, but I saw that Tastespotting was littered with Valentines Day food and recipes. And I didn't want to be the lone wolf come next Sunday when everyone has moved past this tasty holiday.

I have about eight minutes before we have to leave, which means I wont be able to give you guys the recipes etc, but it's just a simple sugar cookie topped with icing made with almond extract.

Please, pardon my severe lack of decorating skills. I made the icing a little to runny, so it didn't harden as quick as I would have liked, which gave plenty of time for the shapes and words to deform. I eventually gave up and just dunked them into the bowl of icing.

Enjoy the sight of them!

See you next Sunday!"

That was last Sunday. It is now over a week later and a lot has happened. The morning that we were to leave for our vacation I tried to do a really quick post and get my "Valentines Day" cookies up. I figured that if I waited another week no one would be interested in them. But, of course, with my luck, Blogspot decided that it wasn't going to post it. Alas, I had my mom glaring me down and Mexico calling my name. So, no post.

But now, I'm here, with a bit of free time, ready to share my cookies with the world. There were lots of fun to make, but also a really pain in the a$$. It was my first time making the cookies which was exciting, but I ended up cutting out about 25 circles, which wasn't as much fun as it sounds - insert sarcasm here-.

I got the sugar cookie recipe from and the icing recipe was very basic. I used almond extract and added a bit too much milk, which made piping it nothing short of a living hell. It pretty much ran right out of the bag. I ended up just dipping the cookies in the icing and letting it harden. I sprinkled them with a bit of white sugar... and voila!

They're nothing amazing, so I won't bother posting the recipe, but I'm here to share my experiences, so I'm going to post it and you're all going to continue to be as great as you have been about it: deal?

I have a bunch more stuff to post after this, but I don't want to seem too eager by posting everything at once.


I give it Yellow belt, because it's not Baked Alaska, but it's not to be taken lightly. Like anything, it's easy to mess up. When rolling out the cookie dough remember to flour the rolling pin or you'll find the dough sticking, which does not make life any easier.

Happy baking!


P.S. I can't stand it anymore. I don't know why I haven't posted about it yet, but about 3 or 4 weeks ago I made Julia Childs famous Chocolate Almond Cake. I WILL post it soon, but let me just say - OMFG. And for those who aren't quite as well versed in internet lingo, that means OH MY BLEEP-ING GOD.


P.S.S. I'll post more about the vacation in my next post. But I got the flu the first night there. Oh, cliffhanger...



  1. dum dum duuummmm!! cliffhangerrr!! lol :p

  2. The chocolate almond cake by Julia Childs was the best thing I have ever tasted, bar none. And no, I'm not biased....can't wait to read the blog about the creation

  3. Those sugar cookies were super delicious! Can't wait to see the recipe for the cake... :)

  4. Love the sugar cookies can't go wrong with those!!

    sweetlife nice blog-followed ya

  5. So jealous of you and Mexico!! Post pics when you get back;) Oh and the cookies look great - I'm a total sucker for pink;)

  6. Hey there. Thanks for the comment this morning! I just wanted to let you know that I'm having some trouble pulling up your blog lately, even when I click on it in my following list. It could just be blogger - my site's been running really slow. But just wanted to let you know:) Have a great weekend!


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