Friday, March 26, 2010

A New Venture

Last Saturday I spent nearly the entire day keeping my hands busy. No, for once I wasn't baking. This time, I was trying my hands at something new. Something I've never tried before and something that I thoroughly enjoyed. Headbands, in case you already couldn't tell.

I've always been the type of person who loves being creative. I firmly believe that I am a right brained individual because, in all honesty, I'm not very analytical and I've always been just average with my grades, plus or minus a few A's here and there. I'm ok with that. For once I've accepted that I'm not perfect when it comes to school or academics because I have other interests; interests that I excel at.

Growing up I was never the boy who loved sports or comparing boogers. I dabbled in Pokemon cards, but yes, I played with Barbies. I always loved drawing and from that steamed many other interests, including design, fashion, and of course, culinary arts.

But now I've taken on something new, something I really enjoy. So, I'm thinking of starting a new blog, a new concept; a blog where I can post my designs and creations just like above. I know a lot of you who visit my blog are here for recipes, but I would really appreciate your input. What do you think of the heabands above? Which ones do you like? Is a blog in that area of creativity something you might be interested? I want to know!

Until then, happy baking, happy sewing, and happy creating!


P.S. Thank you to my wonderful sister who was kind enough to wear my headbands while I snapped pictures in the -15'C air.


  1. These are so pretty- Do it!

  2. Thanks Abi! I have done it... so to speak.

    Check out:


  3. the first one is sick! with the diamond, first time coming to your site and i plan on having a good look around

  4. The headbands are perfect.

  5. Your headbands are so pretty!

    And thank God for siblings being cooperative and letting you use them ;)


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