Monday, March 29, 2010

A Special Birthday Treat and a Sister Site

Posting about my baked goods is always such a big deal for me. I'm always so worried that my words won't flow or my pictures won't be up to quality, which, in my opinion is justified, after seeing all the amazing food bloggers in the world who have the most amazing photographs. And, of course, there's always the fear that people will take one look at my recipe and think, Uh, been there, done that. Thankfully though, my insecurities are protected by the fact that I know I'm sitting behind a computer right now and thus can't see or hear the judgments. However, I'm also blocked from seeing peoples reactions when they see a recipe or photograph that they really like.

My second sister, my first sister being the oldest, and my second sister being the middle (I'm the baby) had her third anniversary of her twenty-fifth birthday on Thursday. Wow. That was a mouthful. Bare with me. So, in anticipation of putting my newly acquired piping tools to good use I envisioned a decadent, multi-level cake with a thick coat of chocolate butter cream frosting between each layer and an equally brilliant coating of chocolate frosting on the outside. To top it all off I imagined melted chocolate dripping down the sides and hardening in an obvious, yet "how did that possibly happen so perfectly" way.

But wait.

There was a catch.

My sister, we'll call her K, doesn't like chocolate cake. Apparently, she never has.

Now, I've known this fact for a long time, but a small part of me was hoping that she would forget about her personal preference and just go with it. But, instead she reminded me about her love of white vanilla cake with white icing.


Now, I'm not one to poo-poo vanilla cake. Because, as we all know; cake is cake and it tastes good regardless. Well, suddenly my plans for a mountain of decadence were squashed. But, I quickly set forth to construct a cake of wonder with a white vanilla influence. It wasn't nearly as successful and when it came time to make the cake I suddenly felt the effects of my impending cold that I've been fighting for a week. Throwing my health concerns aside I went to work.

I really have no recipe because it was just a simple white cake with white icing.

However, I needed some chocolate inside. Just a little bit. She'd never notice, I told myself.

So, while I don't have pictures of the inside, mainly because my mom reminded me that it wouldn't be fair to cut the cake and take pictures before K actually had the chance to blow out the candles and the fact that after the cake was cut it look really hideous, I have plenty of pictures of the outside. Yay!

And finally, on a completely unrelated note I have just opened my new blog entitled Stitching Karate, the sister site to Kitchen Karate, where I'll be posting DIY stuff. Mostly designs of mine, headbands, bags, crafts that I've done. I'd appreciate it if anyone reading this right now just take a quick link jump and check it out. Comments are always appreciated and, if you love crafty DIY stuff, I'd appreciate it even more if you followed it. Once I reach 40 followers on Stitching Kitchen I plan on having a special giveaway to celebrate. So, if you're a follower you'll have a better chance of winning the awesome prize I have planned. Hurry. Before it's too late!

This cake has no rating other than the fact that icing a cake is a b***h and I've never been very good at it. Practice makes perfect, right?

Until next time: Eat right, never skip school, and listen to your parents when they tell you to follow Stitching Karate. It's for the greater good.

Have a great week and happy baking!



  1. Did she complain about the chocolate in the middle?!!

  2. The cake looks great!! I bet it tastes good too.


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