Monday, May 24, 2010

A rebirth! So-to-speak...

Well hello there, blog world. It's me. Remember me?

Don't worry. I hardly remember me.

Now, I'm not here to make a bunch of excuses as to why I've been absent for so long, but what I am going to do is tell you all about what I've been up to since my last post. I'll do my best to only include the happy, positive events for the sake of my sanity.

Well, for starters I finished my second year of university. Two years down, two years to go. I'm that much closer to holding that piece of paper in my hand that says I'm qualified! Yay! But, it is a really big rush to know that your hard work is seriously paying off.

Secondly, I made my parents take a second mortgage out on the house when my mother made the foolish mistake of taking me to Montreal for some retail therapy. While I shopped on St. Catherine Street I just in H&M, Gap, Old Navy, and anything else Montreal could throw at me, I kept telling myself that this was my reward for being so amazing. But, I know it's just my mom being nice and trying to get me to shut up for a few more months. Huh, I'll take it.

So, a big thanks to my mom! A woman who, without her, my closet wouldn't be as full as it is today.

Thirdly. Yours truly turned one year older. One year wiser. And one year cooler. That's right. I'm 20! I have to admit that this was the first birthday in my recorded history that I may have freaked out about, just a bit. But, when the day finally came, it was as if nothing had happened. I guess older people are right. As you get older, birthdays just aren't that big of a deal.

However, one mondo, mucho, extravagant gift made the day a whole lot better. No, it wasn't a car or a private jet. Apparently those are things that you should buy on your own when you win the lottery.

"What, do you think money grows on trees?" My mom would say.

Instead of presents only fit for Oprah, I got something that made my heart pitter-patter. I must admit that I haven't felt this way since I received Megan (for those who don't know, Megan is the name given to my Macbook that I got last year). Don't judge.

When I unwrapped the box I found, underneath all the colourful paper, a brand new KitchenAid Mixer. That's right. My prayers were finally answered. Finally, a miracle had happened. If you want to know exactly how I felt, just think about how Mary must have felt when she found out she was pregnant! Sort of like, "Holy hell! But how?"

And of course, no birthday would be complete without a homemade cake, baked and designed by your own mother. I must say I was quite impressed. My mother has always been a fantastic baker, but she was never really one to decorate anything. I like to think that I've rubbed off on her, just a bit!

As for baking, I have been doing it of course, but I feel a certain standard to which I've been accustomed to which has prevented me from posting my baking disasters, i.e. my chocolate pie (more like chocolate mush). So, I plan on baking sometime VERY soon and posting, regardless of the quality. Because, it's all about trial and error, right?

Time to break out those cookbooks. Those fifty-thousand cookbooks.

Here we go!

Happy baking!




  1. Hey! Happy Birthday! I wondered what happened to you. I just had my 21st and I am with you, 20 freaked the hell out of me, I still struggle with the realization that I'm getting older. So stoked you're back though!

  2. That birthday cake is hardly decorated (by your standards anyway) - I just loved the primary colours in the candles and matched them up with some M&M's - and wasn't it a money cake?? -- Mom


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