Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rise from the Dead Cupcakes


There are some things about Halloween that I just can't stand:

1) Teenagers trick-or-treating: I'll admit that I am guilty of this, but it's one of those things that bugs you when someone else does it. I love handing out candy to the little children who are dressed as a clown and think it's actually appropriate Halloween material. However, I don't so much like giving free stuff to the teenagers in the back row who tower over the four year-olds and shove their pillow cases at you as the demand that you give them a piece of chocolatey goodness. My advice to those people: "Get a job. Then you won't have to put on that poorly constructed costume, consisting of painted on cat whiskers and a black sweater, and go door to door begging for free stuff."

2) Smashing pumpkins: While I'm fairly certain that this is the name a band that I should be aware of, I'm not. But what I'm referring to is the ner-do-well tradition of taking people's pumpkins and smashing them in front of their driveways as if to say, "Oh snap. I was cunning and conniving and I smashed your pumpkin all over the road for you to look at and remember that I was able to steal your pumpkin." I usually end the night by swearing vengeance on them all. No big deal. Whatevs.

3) Happy faces on pumpkins: Halloween is a time to be scared. No one wants to walk up to a house with a smiling pumpkin. That's not scary. And in most cases, the houses that display cheerful pumpkins are the ones that will experience #2.


But, the one thing I don't hate about Halloween are the festively decorated treats that I eat too much of and then complain that it's the evil spirits out on Halloween who made me do it. After I say this I'll usually get another cupcake because complaining makes me REALLY hungry.

Rise from the Dead Cupcakes

Things you'll need:

1 package of chocolate cake mix
About 12 oz. of white chocolate chips
Mini chocolate chips
As many Oreos as you can stuff in your mouth (or carry, whatever)
A fabulous buttercream frosting
Lollipop sticks
Vegetable oil
Parchment paper
Cookie sheet


Once you've cooked the cupcakes and let them cool, use a piping bag and tip to make grass with the green icing. I use one of those tips that has the little holes in it. It's great for making grass or hair.

Crush as many Oreos as you want to replicate dirt but keep the other half for using as tomb stones. Once the cupcakes are iced, sprinkle Oreo crumbs over the icing, pressing down gently with your finger to keep them in place.

Cut an Oreo in half. Stick one half of the cut Oreo in the icing, flat side down, so that it's standing up like a tomb stone.

To make the ghosts, melt about 12 oz. of white chocolate over a double boiler and add about 1 1/4 tbsp. of vegetable oil. Lay a piece of parchment paper over a cookie sheet. Scoop, with a tablespoon at a time, white chocolate onto the parchment paper and use the back of the spoon to make it into a ghost. Use the mini chocolate chips for eyes. Take a lollipop stick and place it at the bottom, rolling the end in the chocolate. Once you're done, put the tray in the fridge until chocolate is completely cool. Slowly peel the ghosts, stick and all, off the paper.

Once the ghosts are ready, place the ghost on the stick into the top of the cupcake, but positioning it so that it can slightly lean on the half Oreo for support. If you don't, the ghost may fall over.


I hope you enjoy! These cupcakes are absolutely amazing and adorable.

You can thank me after you try them!



  1. oh come on now! I was thinking of asking you to come trick or treating...for one LAST year together...but number just HURT ! :'(

    LOL ;)

  2. These are awesome. I hate the trick or treating teenagers too. Unfortunately, my sister in law is one of them. Actually, she is almost 19 and went trick or treating with a 15 year old friend of hers. Really??

  3. Oh, the ghosts do look adorable. Thankfully, with Halloween not being so big here, I only get a couple of little kids trick or treating, which means more chocolate to keep for myself.

  4. These are adorable. I did a halloween cupcake too this year - with blood red cream filling. Mine didn't have cute little ghosts though - just store bought jolly roger candies.

  5. I LOVE these cupcakes. Discovered your post too late for this Halloween but there is next year! Your ghosts are amazing!


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