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Interview: Lindsey of Hot Polka Dot


As some of you may know, one of my first foodie friends was Lindsey from Hot Polka Dot who I met in early 2010. She was such a great encouragement and I would ogle at her culinary abilities and her consistency at providing her readers with mouth-watering, delicious photographs of her work. It quickly became evident that Lindsey was no ordinary foodie. She, like many others, had her own unique flare.

Now, just like an investigative journalist on CNN, I sat down with Lindsey for the first time since her blog opened. We talked about scandal, betrayal, and what keeps her going.

I'm kidding. I'm really not that good at investigative anything. 

But I was lucky enough to get to interview her and have her share some of her inspirations behind Hot Polka Dot.

Also, in the spirit of interviewing, I HAD to make one of my favourite recipes from Hot Polka Dot: Lindsey's White Chocolate Clementine Cookies. Letting my sweet-tooth get the better of me, I mixed things up and sandwiched two cookies together with an Orange Buttercream Frosting! Tastay!


Visit Hot Polka Dot for Lindsey's White Chocolate Clementine Cookies!

Interview with Lindsey from Hot Polka Dot!

Jordan: What made you start food blogging? And where did the inspiration for Hot Polka Dot come from?
Lindsey: After moving to Edmonton to live with my boyfriend I sort of adopted his family.  Suddenly I was excited to make dinner and especially dessert!  I'd never really had a family of my own to cook and bake for since moving out on my own.  My blog has become a way for me to both grow up and explore this new passion of mine.

Jordan: What was it like when you first started blogging? Was there an immediate response to what you were doing, or did your popularity slowly develop over time?
Lindsey: My blog definitely wasn't popular at first.  I think my mom was my biggest fan and, come to think of it, she still is!  Popularity isn't what's really important to me and I knew it would be rewarding as long as I kept working hard and challenging myself.

Jordan: Your recipes are very diverse. What makes you decide to bake one recipe over another?
Lindsey: I try to keep my recipes interesting and the majority of them are from my own imagination.  I make a conscious effort to stay away from things that people have seen a thousand times on other food blogs and, instead, like to rework tried and true recipes to get you to see them from a different perspective.  My motto is "play with your food" and that's definitely my approach to everything.  If it's not fun then why bother, right?

Jordan: Who are a few of your favourite food bloggers? Are there any in particular that you look up to in terms of creativity and/ or style?
Lindsey: There are a lot of food blogs that I follow and I admire them all for one reason or another.  To name a few, Sprinkle Bakes, Desserts For Breakfast, and Indian Simmer I admire for their stunning food photography and styling skills.  Confessions of a Cookbook Queen and Piece of Cake I adore because of their witty sense of humour.  Kitchen Confidante, Seven Spoons and You Fed A Baby Chili for their beautifully written posts.

Jordan: What do you think it is about your blog that separates you from everyone else? And in particular, what is it that keeps all your readers coming back for more?
Lindsey: I think my playful attitude toward food sets my blog apart.  I try to help people realize that gourmet recipes aren't as scary as they might think which makes me and my blog more approachable.  As for what keeps people coming back, I'm actually not sure!  I suppose it might be some combination of my unique recipes, scrumptious photos and clever posts.  I also take the time to respond to nearly every comment on my blog, Twitter and Facebook because I want my readers to know that I appreciate each and every one of them.  Nobody likes a snobby blogger that can't even be bothered to respond to their own readers!

Jordan: What advice do you have for food bloggers out there who might be new to blogging or are looking to gain readers?
Lindsey: My advice would be stay true to yourself.  Pick a food genre or region that speaks to you then really explore it.  It has to be something you can really commit to because otherwise it just feels like work.  Definitely try to stray from your recipes because in my experience that's when you really succeed.  Think about it, would peanut butter and chocolate even be a viable flavour combination if people didn't learn to play with their food?  If your readers see how much you put into your food and your blog then there's no way they won't respond with loyalty and encouragement. 

Is there anything you want to know from Lindsey? Post it in the comment section below and it may be answered in a possible future interview!




  1. Lindsey: like your mom, I'm Kitchen Karate's biggest fan! Your recipes look scrumptious and your photos are beautiful. Congratulations on your blog.

  2. Wonderful review, Jordan! and Lindsey, always nice to read about you!

  3. The food was delicious and healthy like you dont have to worry of gaining extra lbs of eating those cookies.


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