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Interview: Kristan of Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

This is Kristan. You may recognize her from such popular food blogs as Confessions of a Cookbook Queen! (Simpsons reference anyone?)

For those who don't know, which is probably very few of you, Confessions of a Cookbook Queen is probably one of my favourite food blogs because of its sparkle, wit, and amazing baked goods! Kristan is a naturally funny person and often uses her own life experience to tell hilarious stories during each post! You never know what to expect with her, and I don't just mean her writing.

Her constantly yummy desserts are not only amazing to stare and drool from, but there simple, easy recipes that anyone could do. Kristan is known for adding her own unique touch to each recipe, sometimes incorporating fun, homemade toppers to spice things up. Need an example? Just look at the collage of tastiness (as I have so aptly named it) below!

Kristan and I each share a love for sweets and all things full of sparkle and glam. Because of this, I was thrilled when she agreed to let me interview her. This time, it's more of a direct conversation!

Read below for the interview that took an hour and a half, while I question her on everything, from her inspiration to her opinions on Charlie Sheen.


Interview with Kristan from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen!
Jordan: Kristan!

Kristan: hey!

Jordan: thanks again for doing this! i've been sitting here coming up with the best questions ever

Kristan: yay! okay shoot

Jordan: Yay! Well, my first question is pretty simple: Why did you start your blog?

Kristan: hmmm

Kristan: that's a hard one!!

Kristan: I think I started blogging because I really loved reading food blogs, and it made me want to have one of my own!! I baked so much anyways, and I always wanted to be a writer so I thought...why not?

Jordan: So do you do writing that's separate from your blog?

Kristan: Nope, I don't. I always WANTED to be a writer, it was a dream my whole life. But I got older, and moved out of my house at a young age and had to work so much to pay bills, I just couldn't afford college. I honestly had just resigned myself to working a "normal" job my whole life, waiting tables and trying to work my way up to management. When I met my husband and we decided that I would stay home with our son, I had a hard time adjusting and baking was something that really made me happy. When I started blogging years later, I finally realized that I didn't give up my dream after all, and that was really awesome. It makes me feel like I truly am doing what I was meant to do.

Jordan: So, it's safe to say that you've been baking a lot longer than you've been blogging!

Jordan: How do you choose a recipe? What makes you choose one recipe over another, especially when it comes to posting about it?

Kristan: YES...I've baked when I was younger and single (but not as often, I was too busy thinking I was cool and partying and stuff) and about 4 years ago, I learned to decorated cakes. I've only been blogging for just over a year.

Kristan: I usually bake whatever comes to mind. If I plan too far in advance, I'll think of something else and it will get pushed to the side. And if I'm being totally honest, I try to bake stuff that I think will photograph well too!!

Jordan: I do the exact same thing. I always think about what would look good on a plate!

Jordan: Well, I think it's pretty apparent that you're on the right track! In just over a year your success has sky rocketed! What do you attribute it to?

Kristan: Uh...I don't know because I get asked that a lot and it makes me feel weird. I don't feel that successful, honestly. But I think people appreciate honesty. I think they like knowing that imperfect people can still do wonderful things in the kitchen. And I think that the only thing that makes a blog stand out, is YOU. There are SO many gorgeous food blogs out there, the only way to make mine stand out is that it's MINE. So I make sure my readers know me. I interact with them on Facebook and Twitter as much as time allows and I always answer every email. I am just so very grateful that anyone would even take 2 seconds of their time to read, let alone leave a comment on my blog or send an email. And I try my best to let them know that.

Kristan: also

Kristan: I just want to add that I’ve been lucky enough to meet some very wonderful people in the blog world, who have taken the time to give me advice and send readers my way. It is so important to find friends in the blogging community and to help lift each other up however we can.

Jordan: I completely agree! It makes everything so much more enjoyable when you can have people to communicate with!

Jordan: Speaking of wonderful people, who are a few of your favourite food bloggers? Why do you admire them?

Kristan: Amanda, from i am baker, because she inspires me not only with her creativity but with her kindness, and patience. She is not only a talented blogger, but just a wonderful person.  Shauna from Piece of Cake because she is so witty..I just want to drink wine with her and talk and talk. Cheryl from Tidy Mom because her vast knowledge just astounds me. Bridget at Bake at 350 because hellloooo, have you SEEN her cookies? Plus, she is always surprising me with her humor...she says the most unexpected things sometimes!

Jordan: They all sound great! Are you friends with any of them outside of the blogosphere?
Kristan: Yes!! All of them, thankfully. (keep in mind that none of them may want to admit to associating with me) I actually have met Cheryl and Bridget, have NOT met Shauna or Amanda, although they are at the top of my Must Meet list!

Kristan: I have more blog friends than real life friends

Kristan: is that weird?

Kristan: It makes me think that maybe I am not so awesome in person.

Jordan: Definitely not. I talk to people on Twitter and Facebook more than IRL.

Jordan: But don't you live in a very rural area? I would imagine that people would be few and far between?

Kristan: Yes, and I did not grow up in this town. I moved here to be with my husband, from the larger city about an hour away. And since I stay at home and don't work in the town or anything...I know almost no one.

Kristan: honestly, I am not sure if anyone in the town even knows about my blog!!

Jordan: I'm sure they do! With the amount of fans you have, it's more than likely!
Kristan: OH no, I hope not. That's so embarrassing

Jordan: You mentioned before that you try your best to answer all the e-mails you get. Do you ever get any strange e-mails or ones that make you take a double-take?

Kristan: hmmm....not really. I mean, I do get weird ones sometimes, but I am weird too so it's all good. But like a week or two ago, a reader emailed me a link to a blog she found where the
blogger mentioned a post of mine and said she didn't leave a comment because she was worried I might be dead. I was totally creeped out.

Jordan: Um... What? She thought you might be dead!?

Kristan: yeah. I don't know. It was strange. I thought about leaving her a comment, but I didn't. I didn't know what to do!!

Jordan: It makes you wonder...

Jordan: Now I'm a little freaked out actually

Kristan: yes

Kristan: exactly

Jordan: Moving along. Was your blog an immediate hit or was it a more gradual increase in traffic and readers? Was there a specific time when you realized that your blog was really starting to gain momentum?

Kristan: haha, no because I STILL don't feel like it's a hit!! And it was very, very gradual. It still is. And honestly, I try not to focus on the traffic. If my email inbox or my Facebook wall is full of messages to answer, I feel like there are people who want to talk to me or connect with me and that is a good day

Kristan: I don't even know what good traffic is? But I'm fairly certain that I am not a good example of it!!

Jordan: I generally think that good traffic is anything more than what I get! LOL

Kristan: Well, traffic comes and goes, I think it is that way for anyone really

Jordan: You're totes right!

Jordan: You have an amazing sense of humour and your readers really grab on to that. Are you that quirky in real life?

Kristan: Um, yes. Absolutely. Maybe worse!! Because there is so much more that I think but DON'T write!!

Kristan: My husband can attest to that--I pick on him on a daily basis.

Jordan: Haha! Do you sort of censor yourself with what you say or do you cut back to avoid a certain length?

Kristan: I never cut back to avoid a certain length, but I do think carefully about what I write. I want to share my thoughts and my humor, but never at the cost of offending someone or causing hurt feelings. I always make sure that whatever I write, I would be willing to say it in person and also be okay with my child or anyone from my church reading it. I avoid foul language at all costs, not because I am a prude but because I do not talk like that in real life.
Jordan: It's always nice to know that someone is genuine in what they write and they aren't taking on a persona just to get views!

Jordan: You mentioned that you only write what you would be comfortable with your child reading? Are there any other ways that being mom influences your blog/writing/baking?

Kristan: Well, I'll be honest--being a mom gives me a lot more material!! Kids are SO WEIRD!!
And I would say that I definitely lean more towards "fun" treats than I used to. I like to make things that will make a kid smile.

Jordan: I agree with the part about kids being weird!

Jordan: I know this is completely not blog related, but I'm really curious!  Who is your favourite celebrity at the moment?

Kristan: Charlie Sheen because he is WINNING!!

Kristan: Who doesn't love a good Warlock Assassin?

Jordan: I've been avoiding watching his interviews. I have this weird thing where I can't watch a train wreck as it's happening.

Jordan: What's a Warlock Assassin?

Kristan: I have no idea, but apparently he is one

Kristan: with tiger blood

Jordan: He has tiger blood?

Jordan: PSA: Don't do drugs kids!

Kristan: he has issues for sure.

Jordan: Why the name "Confessions of a Cookbook Queen"?

Kristan: Because I have a zillion cookbooks! I just love to sit and read's one of my favorite things. I knew I wanted a girly name too, so queen fit. My husband came up with the Pink Pantry, which I liked but I was worried people would misread it and think it said Pink Panty

Jordan: That would definitely have been interesting! And, considering how much I misinterpret words, I would have probably thought the same thing!

Jordan: Do you ever get any negative comments on your blogs or through e-mail?

Kristan: Not really. I've gotten a few rude comments, but they are very rare.

Jordan: That's good. I can't imagine anyone having anything negative to say about you!
Jordan: Any advice for first time bloggers or people who are thinking about starting a blog but are a little apprehensive?

Kristan: um....hmmm....I guess I would say just go for it!! There is room for everyone!!

Jordan: Do you have a favourite dessert that you've posted?

Kristan: Oh gosh....I don't know. I like so many!! I posted a coffee cake that my mom always made, and that is probably my favorite thing

Jordan: Alright, awesome! I think that definitely wraps up our hour and a half interview! Thanks so much!

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out Kristan at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen and, if you're dying to know something, post a comment below and maybe Kristan will answer!




  1. This is a wonderful interview.. very in-depth. Off to check her blog out :)

  2. Awesome interview! (I'm not stalking.. Promise.) :)

  3. Kristan is a good friend and one of the people I turn to on a daily basis for a good laugh. What a great interview of her!


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