Friday, April 15, 2011

Pizza with Feta Cheese, Red Onion, Broccoli and a Homemade Tomato Sauce


One of my earliest childhood memories (regarding food) is Friday night pizza. While we ordered pizza a fair amount, there was never anything quite like the taste of homemade pizzas. I've always thought that what gives it that extra bit of flavour is being able to make it exactly the way you want. I don't mean with toppings, but you can be as picky as you want. It's also become a staple with me to dress my pizza the exact same way every single time I make it, with feta cheese, red onion, and broccoli. 

The crusts we generally use are store bought, from Farm Boy, and taste terrific and fresh everytime. While there's no substitute for my parent's homemade crust, these delicious squares serve as a great time saver, especially for a quick lunch or easy dinner.

Oh, and did I mention the homemade tomato sauce?

Pizza with Feta Cheese, Red Onion, and Broccoli

Yield | One 7x7 square pizza

Ingredients for Pizza:
1/4 mozarella cheese, grated
1/4 broccoli, chopped
3 tbsp. red onion, sliced in small pieces
1/4 cup feta cheese, crumbled
1 7x7 pizza crust (of course, you can use any size of pizza crust, just adjust ingredient amounts accordingly)

Ingredients for Tomato Sauce:
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can tomato paste
3 tsp. sugar

1. Preheat oven to 400'F.
2. Chop the onion and broccoli and grate cheese. Set aside on a cutting board.
3. To prepare the sauce, start by putting a medium sized pot on the stove, at medium heat. Empty the can of diced tomatoes in the pot and mash the tomatoes until mushy. Stir in the tomato paste then add sugar and stir until incorporated. Add oregano and basil to taste. Cook sauce until hot all the way through.
4. Once sauce is prepared, spread a generous coating (or thin, depending on how you like it) on to the pizza crust. Sprinkle cheese to cover the crust, leaving an inch around the edges. Add onion, broccoli, and feta.
5. Cook pizza on a cookie sheet in the oven for approx. 8-10 minutes until crust turns golden brown (or cook to specifications on package). Once golden brown, place under the broil for another minute or so.

This pizza is great for an easy lunch or quick dinner and is very adaptable (because we all know everything goes with feta and red onion, right?).

Until next time, happy cooking!




  1. Oh, i love pizza! This is a great topping combination. We have pizza every Saturday in my house. Yum.

  2. This pizza looks amazing! I think I'm the only person in my family who likes veggies on pizza, everyone else has to have a "meat-palooza."

  3. @KenniI'm the same way. My parents load up with sausage, pepperoni, and bacon. I prefer the lightness and flavour of veggies!

  4. Hmm these look delicious, thanks for posting up this recipe, looks quite simple to make.


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