Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different... This Week In News!

I know it's not Friday and I probably have no right to tell you about what's going on in the world, but I felt that it was my duty (as established by me) to round up some of the most interesting news of the week. No recipe for you today, but I figured that not everything I say has to come with something delicious to stare at. Most of the times, yes.

And now for something a little different...

#1: Jan Berenstain died. The woman who, along with her husband, started the Berenstain Bears dynasty, and I call it a dynasty because it's been a long time and I don't really know what dynasty technically means, passed away. When Jan died, so did my childhood. I literally grew up on these stories and, as my parents will attest to, though maybe not directly, I pretty much forced anyone around at bedtime to read me one of these stories. I still have my entire collection which is like... a lot of books.

#2: Rihanna and Chris Brown are apparently back together, which I think is the biggest mistake in the entire world, if not only for the fact that the man is clearly whacked and in serious need of a hug from someone he hasn't paid. Also, I think he might need anger management, but I also think that could come from not enough cupcakes in his system. We all know Rihanna could do soooo much better than the guy who likes to grab his crotch and steal people's iPhones.

#3: Jessica Simpson is still pregnant. Am I the only one who hadn't actually realized that she was still with child? After an e-mail from my sister's I did one of those "Oh snap, she is!" I think, by my calculations, she's going in to her 900th trimester and the baby is the size of a horse.

#4: Meryl Streep FINALLY won the Oscar she so rightly deserves and Viola Davis when home with nothing. The Queen of All Acting was honoured in a way that only other rich people can honour her: with a golden statue that will effectively raise how much she's able to ask per film. Personally, I was kind of rooting for Viola Davis from The Help and, if it were any other time, I would scream at the TV and yell that Meryl was robbed. She's pretty much robbed whenever she isn't nominated. I'd like to turn your attention to Kathy Lee Gifford who, on that show she's on, the morning after the Oscars, said that Meryl had put on a performance that no other actor in the world could have pulled off in The Iron Lady, while Viola played a role that others could have taken on, which is why Meryl very much deserved to win. Uh, girlfriend. Might I remind you about 2009 when Meryl was nominated for and DID NOT win the Oscar for her role in Julie & Julia? The woman played Julia Child and lost to Sandra Bullock who played a southern blonde with no really characteristics or mannerisms different from herself. I think Kathy Lee Gifford should think about that.

#5:Beyonce finally took her baby into public. That's right, folks. Blue Ivy or Pomegranate Orchard, or something, FINALLY made her triumph diva walk to the outside world once Beyonce was able to pull her away from her 19 nannies. Oh wait, I think she did. Her mother had her completely wrapped up like she was hiding a football from the offensive line on the other team. No matter how thick the cover, that child just sort of exuded wealth and instant fame. God, I'm so jealous.



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